Professional Full Service Property Management



No long term contracts

We want to earn your business, not force you to work with us. We believe that the service we provide to our owners is the reason we have achieved outstanding loyalty. Being locked into a long, multi-year contract is not good for you or for us if you are not satisfied with the service.

Property Management from the owner’s point of view

As an owner your goal is to have a constant and continual income stream from your rental property. Vacancies undermine that goal and can be the scariest part of owning rental property. We understand this and employ many tools to reach a wide demographic of tenants looking for a home. Once we find the right tenant we work hard to keep them happy and in the home. The large majority of our tenants renew their lease after the first year, thus maximizing your return.

All expenses are paid for with supporting documentation

As the owner, you should not have to worry about paying bills, shuffling through invoices, or writing checks. Our system allows us to pay bills as they come in, itemize the expense, and provide the supporting documentation for all expenses. You receive this information along with a statement each month so all that is left for you to do is deposit your check.

Evictions handled quickly and professionally

Unfortunately, evictions are part of having rental property. While every effort is made during the screening process to find quality tenants, some things are unavoidable. All evictions and notices are handled by a professional firm whose sole business is dealing with evictions. This ensures that the process is done promptly and correct, protecting you and minimizing any losses.

Flat Rate fee with no surprises!!

Our fee is set from the beginning of our relationship. We charge a straight percentage of the gross rent received and that is all. We do not charge for extra mailing when needed, no markups on repairs made and routine site visits are included. WE WILL NOT NICKEL AND DIME YOU!!  Our fee is our Fee.






Our goals are simple, maximize your profits by minimizing vacancy periods. We do this by implementing simple, thorough, and consistent methods.

Pricing– We will prepare a thorough market analysis for your property to help you determine the appropriate rental rate.

Screening– Finding the right tenant is crucial to rental property success. We begin with a complete credit and background check of each applicant. We verify all of the information on the application, verify employment and income, and call past landlords.

Owner Information– Statements are sent out on the 10th of each month along with your rent proceeds. Any expenses are itemized and a copy of the invoice is included for your records.

Efficiency– We implement sophisticated software designed for property management. We can provide reports in many formats and give you up to date information quickly.

Building Your Portfolio– Let our experienced staff help you find your next rental property. We combine our many years of experience in the  real estate market, with the knowledge of our property management team to find a house that will meet your income goals.


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